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The Domingo Siblings, Carlos Luis, Luis Alberto, Ximena and Isadora moved from Venezuela to the United States  15 years ago and after exploring various interests, they realized  that  the  restaurant  business was something they wanted to pursue as a family.

Since their preferred cuisine had always been Japanese, they decided to open a small, intimate restaurant that not only served exquisite Japanese dishes, but recipes that were fused with the appealing flavors from Peru since the blending of the two cuisines is a perfect combination. 


These 4 siblings, with a gastronomic vision of imaginative, fresh, flavorful meals served in a friendly, contemporary atmosphere, work with 3 outstanding chefs, Luis Domingo & Noe Pazo, to continually create inspired & unique recipes that excite the senses with extraordinary flavors, striking colors and stunning presentations. 

Sake, Wine & Japanese Beer is also available along with delicious desserts to complete this memorable epicurean experience. 


Kamiko Sushi Bar in Doral is the ultimate American Dream because it was created by a small family who moved to America to pursue opportunities and created a celebrated.

Japanese-Peruvian Sushi Bar serving unforgettable dishes and enjoyed by everyone who visits our welcoming restaurant.

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